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Degree Apprenticeships

Our range of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships allow you to gain an academic qualification and degree whilst you work.

By mixing study time with learning a new job, you can embed yourself in an organisation, earn an apprenticeship wage while you study, and graduate without a student loan. Our Degree Apprenticeship courses have been developed with leading businesses across the North West and using government standards, so you’ll be able to gain in-demand skills and advance your career.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships both allow you to study for a qualification while working with your sponsored business. However, Degree Apprenticeships are different because you graduate with a full degree - either an honours degree or a master’s degree - while a Higher Apprenticeship will grant you a professional qualification equal to a foundation degree.


Chris tells us about studying a Degree Apprenticeship alongside being a Managing Director


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Here at the University of Central Lancashire we offer Higher and Degree Apprenticeships that provide a clear pathway through an apprenticeship standard and degree programme with professional and technical qualifications to secure skills requirements and career aspirations.

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Degree Apprenticeships for employers

We collaborate with forward-thinking businesses to deliver Degree and Higher Apprenticeships that can help you grow the next generation of talent - tailoring our courses and programmes to suit. Employers of Degree Apprentices benefit from from both the academic qualifications and on-the-job work experience to drive change in your organisation.

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For information regarding apprenticeship subcontracting, please visit our apprenticeships page. 

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